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4. November 2019

How a Bitcoin secret White-Hat Helped Hackers Solve a Murder Case

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In November 2016, US federal police authorities found a dead woman in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. A suicide was reported to the officers. A 9mm pistol was found next to her elbow. The officers, however, ruled out suicide based on the evidence.

Hitman and the Bitcoin secret

The Bitcoin secret story began in May 2016. The hacker „bRpsd“ broke into the database of a Darknet website for contract killers. The site called „Besa Mafia“ provided a platform for connecting clients and contract killers. A contract killing cost between $5,000 and $200,000. Customers who did not want to provoke deaths could beat up a victim for $500 or have the car set on fire for $1,000.

The hacker was able to locate several Bitcoin secret folders, including chat histories between customers and website administrators. The hacker uploaded the finds to a public website. From now on it was suddenly clear to everyone: „Besa Mafia“ was a fake.

The connection

The independent scientist, Chris Monteiro, also hacked the site. Among other things, he investigated the inflow of money to the site. White-Hat hackers see themselves as ethically and morally acting hackers. Since the term „hacker“ has been increasingly negatively evaluated in recent years, a spin-off developed into the term „white-hat hacker“, who uses his skills for moral purposes.

Through the fake offers of the Besa Mafia at least 50 Bitcoins were collected (about 113,000 Euro at the current rate 05.07.2017). When further investigations were made, a message was found from a Besa Mafia administrator:

„This website is supposed to rip off criminals. We report them [the criminals] for two reasons: to prevent murder, which is good and fair; and to avoid theories that we’ll associate with murderers if we get caught.“

The Besa Mafia Leak eventually helped the police. After Amy Allwine was found dead, the police confiscated electronics, among other things. The pseudonym „dogdaygod“ and the associated e-mail address „“ were found on a laptop. Investigators also found Bitcoin addresses and chat histories between the Besa Mafia and dogdaygod. The pseudonym could be identified without a doubt as Amy Allwine’s husband, Stephen Carl Allwine.

The goal
After the analysis of the data found and the restriction to Allwine’s e-mail address, a letter of complaint was found. Allwine is said to have paid between $10,000 and $15,000 for a hit man to shoot his wife and then set the house on fire.

The Besa Mafia administrator is said to have informed Mr. Allwine that the hit man was arrested by the local police authorities after he was reportedly seen stealing a vehicle. Later information could not give any conclusions as to whether this really happened.

On 24 March 2017, Stephen Allwine was convicted of murder. In addition to the electronic evidence, the drug Scopolamine was found in Mrs. Allwine’s body. The dose exceeded 45 times the normal dose, which usually leads to apathy. Several pieces of evidence indicated that Mr. Allwine had also purchased the drug through a Darknet marketplace.

6. November 2018