Ethereum is rising towards the all-time high – and Google searches are exploding

Ethereum searches on Google are climbing to new highs.

There is still no retail investor FOMO at ETH.

The price is only a few percent away from a new all-time high

Google searches for Ethereum have skyrocketed recently along with the asset’s price. ETH is now less than 20% from its all-time high.

Interest in Ethereum is at a record level, at least according to the “Google Trends” search data. Google searches for “Ethereum” are now higher than they were in 2017 when the asset got its first “moonshot”.

Ethereum was largely unknown in 2017, starting the year under $ 10 and soaring to over $ 1,400 twelve months later. The surge was largely driven by a blockchain and initial coin offering boom and the resulting FOMO.

2021 – very different for Ethereum

Three years later, the scene for the world’s second largest digital asset is very different. ICOs are no longer a driver of the markets as they were regulated into the ground in 2018, and Ethereum ( How to buy Ethereum with PayPal instructions), which according to metrics could still be undervalued, has diversified.

Today, Ethereum is so much more – it powers DeFi, offers staking opportunities, and fuels dApps and smart contracts. It’s a versatile foundation for a decentralized financial economy – not just a token for selling ICOs.

‚DCinvestor‘, a public sector business advisor, predicted Ethereum will go mainstream in this market cycle:

“This is the cycle in which Ethereum & $ ETH will go mainstream and enter the zeitgeist. Any Boomer & Gen X fund manager on Wall Street who is eyeing Bitcoin now will know and understand (conceptually) what Ethereum is by the end of 2021. „

The current bull market is largely being driven by institutions that clearly want a piece of the pie – in addition to Bitcoin. Grayscale, for example, currently holds $ 3.3 billion in its Ethereum Trust and has been aggressively buying up even more. To put this into perspective: That is more ETH than is currently used in the Beacon Chain custody contract.

The surge in Google searches is an indication that traders and the mainstream are finally showing some interest as Ethereum is heading for its all-time high.