Ethereum whales migrate to Bitcoin?

A recent study has shown a migration of Ether whales to Bitcoin whales that could be related to Halving. In this context it seems that Ethereum whales migrate to Bitcoin.

Ethereum whales may be migrating to Bitcoin
According to a recent study,

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research firm Glassnode found that a significant number of Ethereum addresses have declined despite the fact that the price of Ethereum has risen this year.

Given this, the question arises whether Ethereum whales are migrating to Bitcoin. And also whether it’s something permanent or short-term.

What is estimated is that this behavior is being generated thanks to Bitcoin’s Halving, which as we know, is considered an important catalyst in the price of the main crypt currency in the market.

In addition, the contrast of Ether’s whales vs. Bitcoin’s whales. The decrease of the whales of Ethereum can be reflected in the increase of the whales of Bitcoin.

Could the Whales of Ether go to Bitcoin?

Facebook’s Pound has a new member
Earlier today, the Libra association on Facebook announced the addition of three new members. Among them, Temasek Holdings, Singapore’s state-owned investor.

Temasek is considered one of the world’s best known investors. Remember that the Facebook Libra project has been looking for new companies that can support this project. So it seems a resounding success that Temasek has joined them.

Also, the other two members who have decided to join the project are: Paradigm and Slow Ventures.

Libra from Facebook adds a new member

Andreessen Horowitz supports the education of cryptomontages
The Blockchain technology is a range full of multiple opportunities and has come to transform the lives of thousands of people. It has also helped to simplify different processes in various sectors, not only in the economy.

In this sense, the investment firm Andreessen Horowitz announced that it has released its course on cryptomonies for entrepreneurs, supporting the expansion of Blockchain technology.

Few technologies have been as revolutionary as Blockchain. In this context, the firm Andreessen Horowitz is one of the largest investment firms in technology companies in the world.

The firm, has one of the best training programs for entrepreneurs in the Blockchain sector that was not, until now, available to the public.