Most Cryptocurrency Traders Are Losers: How to Get Out of the Game

As an unprecedented influx of retail traders is invading the exchange platforms, a reminder must be sent to them: several very serious studies have shown that 95% of them will be losers in the long term.

A glimmer of hope is nevertheless permitted: a solution exists to give them access to the strategic decisions of the largest investment funds, without in-depth knowledge or excessive capital.

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Become the wolf Wall Street never had

Dear readers, 2021 will be described in the history books as a pivotal year for cryptocurrencies . Indeed, we are witnessing the most marked phase of professionalization in the industry. This change involves several crucial considerations.

As an active trader , you will come into direct confrontation with trading bots, programmed by the very best of mathematicians, and representing 80% of visible trading volumes . These famous bots analyze the performance of an asset over several dozen timeframe , take into account a disproportionate number of macro and micro indicators, and refine their strategies in real time using on-chain data. Needless to say, by drawing your few poor fibonacci lines, you won’t cut it. However, many professionals have anticipated this influx of new traders, and are providing them with the same weapons as the world’s largest hedge funds.

These solutions formerly reserved for the elite, are now accessible to all budgets

The Trading Du Coin is one of those companies, which through its private club , turns its members into actual war machines.

Indeed, the Club Privé du Trading Du Coin is not only one of the best places for discussion and learning in the French-speaking world. Its members enjoy access to tools that maximize their performance. Thanks to the CryptoTrader application , included in the Private Club access pack , you will be able to set up THE ultimate Copy Trading solution : automated from A to Z, your trades will follow an algorithmic strategy developed by professionals in the crypto-finance.

After deciding on a capital allocation , all you need to do is share the API of your Binance or FTX account, and the trades will be executed automatically. You will be informed daily of positions taken via a notification, and will be able to monitor your profits.

Mitigate your risks

While this strategy seems the most logical in an ultra professionalized market, the strong heads will always want to try to thwart the forecasts, and be part of these famous 5% winners .

Subscribing to the Private Club solution today does not prevent you from trying your luck on the markets on your own. Indeed, access to this privileged community will give you the keys to ten hours of training, personalized advice, group coaching sessions.